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Date Posted: 22nd June 2022

Fire Door Example from Fire Door Manufacturers

Within the realm of fire doors, there are a variety of doors all designed for specific purposes and tested to certain regulations by fire door manufacturers.

As a fire door manufacturer serving Yorkshire and Manchester, our fire doors can be manufactured to FD30, FD60, FD90 and FD120 specifications with paint-grade, veneered, laminate and acronym finishes available.

FD30 Fire Door Manufacturing 

An FD30 fire door means that it offers 30 minutes of fire resistance. It also means that the door and corresponding hardware should have been tested in accordance with the British Standard (BS) BS476: Part 22 1987 — there are alternative European regulations if relevant.

FD60 Fire Doors

Similar to the rule of FD30 fire doors, FD60 fire doors are tested and approved to offer 60 minutes of fire resistance. When the doors are tested, they are fitted as if they were in a real setting to get an accurate analysis of their performance.

FD90 Fire Doors

FD90 fire doors offer 90 minutes of fire containment. Unlike an FD30 fire door which contains a 44mm certified core, an FD90 fire door contains a 64mm certified core. Similar to FD30 and FD60 fire doors, FD90 fire doors are manufactured with intumescent strips as part of their fire protection aid. 

FD120 Fire Doors 

Offering 2 hours of fire protection, FD120 fire doors are not as common as other fire doors. Although they are more commonly found in commercial buildings with a very heavy footfall such as hospitals. 

Fire Door Manufacturing at Pendle Doors

At Pendle Doors, we work closely with Warringtonfire to ensure that all of our bespoke fire doors comply with relevant fire certifications. Part of ensuring they meet fire certifications is ensuring that they are fitted properly. With Warringtonfire, we are constantly looking for ways to improve installation methods to ensure that they always comply with current regulations and to the highest industry standards. 

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