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Timber Doorsets

Timber Doorsets

Depending on your requirements, Pendle Doors can design and manufacture timber doorsets that are easy to assemble, reliable and fit for purpose. Once ordered, a doorset will arrive with all of the individual components included in one package, including the door, frame, ironmongery and vision panels, which will be ready for assembly as soon as it is unwrapped.

Most importantly, your doorset will be ready to perform the specialist function you have requested, from being fire resistant, to performing ideally in an acoustically controlled environment. It is paramount that we identify what kind of environment the door will be used in, as we can then recommend a specific door type that will work best in a school, hospital, leisure centre, designer home, or local authority building.

In addition, the design of your doorset will fit your exact requirements in colour, dimensions, and finish. Whether it is veneered, laminated, primed or fully factory finished, we can provide the right doorset for you.

If you have any questions regarding our products or you would like to order a doorset that will meet your requirements, get in touch.

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