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Bespoke Timber Joinery

Bespoke Joinery

We pride ourselves on being able to produce bespoke joinery for multiple settings and purposes, ensuring that our creations complement the environment in which they are installed.  We are fortunate to employ highly skilled and experienced in-house joiners and cabinet makers, manufacturing products to a client’s highest specifications.

Our large array of bespoke products include bespoke timber doors, basic timber frames or linings, ornate entrance frames, technically specified fire rated screens, architraves, skirting, beads and other timber moldings. We ensure that if a product is requested for a specific purpose, our joiners are able to create something that fits the criteria, without compromising  quality.

If there is anything you would like to ask us about with regard to a bespoke item or project, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Bespoke Timber Doors

Our Mortice and Tenon Timber Doors are suitable for both internal and external application, supplied in a large range of designs (or maybe design your own unique door).

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Bespoke Timber Screens

Having a team of highly qualified Joiners means that we can manufacture purpose made timber screens to the most exacting specifications.

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