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Secured by Design – Why do you need it? What does it mean?

According to the UK government, non-fire-resistant doors in high rise tower blocks should be replaced with doorsets accredited for fire performance by a certified third party. The letter from the Department of Communities and Local Government also went on to explain that these new doors should provide fire resistance for at least 30 minutes.

Secured by Design (SBD), the national police crime prevention initiative, announced that it requires not only third-party certification for fire resistance but also for security, to reduce crime rates. Regrettably statistics show when it comes to crimes such as burglaries in the UK, front doors are the main source of access. Therefore, SBD aims to make these as secure as possible.

Dual certification is more important than ever as it protects homes and commercial property from both fire and criminal attacks. This new SBD requirement is set to be an ongoing initiative for all manufacturers moving forward from the Grenfell disaster.

This isn’t new to the industry, since 2005 manufacturers have been required to have a

third-party certification sign off on all security products such as windows and doors. Further to that in 2015, the more in-depth security and fire requirements are contained in the established Approved Document B, that carries an equal weighting under the building regulations in England.

All third-party certification therefore requires regular re-tests and production audits to ensure that the quality of the product is assured and maintained over time. This goes above and beyond the one-off testing that was previously required by the building regulations.

Pendle Doors Ltd have full third party accreditation and certification for the new dual standard. For more information on our range of SBD certified doors please contact us on 01254 870850.


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